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I derive great personal satisfaction in administering ALL the activities that I offer and I am proud to collate my equipment and support crafters/designers. The only difference between activities is that some are more frequently asked for than others. Intensity levels range from the sublime to the severe. The galleries of photos depict some equipment and activities from real consensual sessions. For a detailed listing of activities and equipment see the Equipment Page. The following is a short alphabetical summary:

Anal Training for Novices, Intermediates and Experienced with toys. Progressive Training over time to Fisting.
(No Poppers / Amyl Nitrate or any form of drugs/alcohol)
Anal beads, probes, plugs, dildos - sizes from small to massive
Prostate Massage
Electro Stimulation

Novice Anal Training: "Just wanted to say how pleasurable it was meeting with you today, and it felt amazing having you concentrate completely on my anus literally minutes after meeting you. Especially as I got the impression you enjoy what you do, which makes all the difference." SlaveJ, February 2012.

Bondage - light to strict - short term & extended, leather, rope, metal, mummification, sensual deprivation
Unique items in metal - Scavenger's Daughter, American Hand Traps.
Gags and leather hoods

Corporal Punishment - non marking to judicial
Hand spanking OTK
Canes - rattan, kooboo, palembang, willow, synthetic
Paddles - leather, wooden
Straps / Tawse - leather, rubber
Crops / Equestrian Whips
Floggers - sensual to sadistic

Corporal Punishment: "The CP was excellent technique, probably the best I've ever experienced in leaving me sore, but with hardly any marks...In 30 years I must have had some 200 sessions...Working through the various implements was perfect.
I now know that you are very professional, careful, and meticulous in everything you do." MasochistJ, March 2013

Cock and Ball Tease / Treatment / Torture - Unique custom designed Humbler/Ball Crusher, Cock Stocks/Bondage Board, Ball Crusher, Cock and Ball Presses. Trampling Table. Fetters Lockable Leather Humbler, wrists to genitals.
Hands on
Ball stretching, crushing
Ball Busting - punching, elbowing, kneeing, kicking, slapping
Also Female or TS Genitals

Electro Stimulation from sensual to sadistic with Erostek 312 (sensual) or P.E.S Paradise Electro Stimulation (sadistic) or the twice as powerful and therefore sadistic PleasureTec PowerPlay PT2010 device.

Genital Electrical Stimulation: "This is so good, I feel the effects for a week afterwards. I have a stronger, longer erection and orgasm really hard. I had been nervous before about visiting a professional Mistress, I should have visited you before." SlaveM, January 2012

Fisting - (flat palm or fist punching) - Regulars and Experienced.
(No Poppers / Amyl Nitrate or any form of drugs/alcohol)

Hot Wax Play from low heat to paraffin sadistic candles

Nipple Tease / Treatment / Torture - NT - Genital and Body Clamping / Cupping including Electro
Also Female or TS Breasts

Urethral Dilation - (pee hole penetration, all sterile, medical steel)


Sensation Play / Skin Stimulation / Tie and Tease / Tickle Torture - Soft to Scratchy

Sensation Play: "The session was incredible. Very sensual and surprising for me. And very secure bondage :) ." Bondage Enthusiast R, July 2015

Oral Training on dildos (Porn Star Cock Dildo or Clifford Canine Dildo)

Humiliation and Degradation - dehumanisation, face slapping, spitting, hair pulling, verbal, small penis humiliation, human furniture or carpet

Boot and Leg Worship, Massage, Licking

Sexual Relief (Hands Only) or Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator if you beg eloquently enough

Chastity Training - bring along your own Cock Cage


Slave Training

Generalised - Slave Positions, Collar and Leash

Sissy Maid / Sissy Lady / Sissy Slut (No wardrobe or make up service offered)

Indoor Pet - Dog, Piggy, Pony, Cat

Human Furniture - in Restraints or 'Willing Victim


Fetish or Activity Not Listed?

Politely mention this in your application email.

Activities I Will NOT Engage In

Anything Illegal - the harm or sexual abuse of Children, Animals or Blackmail and Kidnap.

Piercing, blood letting, cutting, messy medical scenes.

Rubber bondage equipment or clothing (do not be so silly at these hourly rates it is unaffordable plus I do not have the storage room).

Sexual/Intimate Activity - Nudity on My part, Bottom/Body/Breast/Clit/Any Other Body Part Worship, Rimming, Face Sitting (even in knickers), Queening, a Dominant Mistress is not a sex worker.

Public Humiliation - The general public have not consented.

Double Domming - A premises with more than two people working in it at any one time, even if not at the same time, is a brothel.

A premises doesn't need to include sex or cash to be considered a brothel under current laws.

Poppers / Amyl Nitrate or any form of drugs/alcohol.

Scat or Golden Showers.

Breath Play.

Foot worship - I am always in footwear. 

No Strap-On (hand held dildos only).

No forced bi training.

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