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New For August 2015

Severe, strong grip nipple clamps: micro clamps and spring loaded steel ring clamps.

Gentle decorative Metal Worx magnetic nipple clamps.

Glass suction cups (8) with pump, glass set and plastic 12 piece Twist n Suck cylinders for use on nipples, breast, back, belly, thighs and penis.

Electro suction cups with pump for use on nipples, breast, back, belly and thighs.

PIZZLE from South America. Pizzle is an old English word for penis, derived from Low German pesel or Flemish Dutch pezel, diminutive of pees, meaning 'sinew'. The word is used today to signify the penis of an animal, chiefly in Australia and New Zealand. It is also known, at least since 1523, especially in the combination "bull pizzle", to denote a flogging instrument made from a bull's penis. (Wikipedia).

Mandible Body Clamp, screw adjustable, based on vintage surgical clamps from 1909.

Big Jump Lead Clamps, in plastic, screw adjustable with a strong bite.

2 pairs of surgical clamps, Pennington Forceps and Young Forceps (with cushions).

Colt Chris Wide 10" cock and balls Insertable: 8 inches Circumference: bell end 5 inches, shaft: 5.25 increasing to 5.5 inches

Colt Gage Western 11" cock and balls Insertable: 7.5 inches Circumference: bell end 5.75 inches, shaft: 6 inches

Throbbing Dong Inflatable and Vibrating Penis shaped Anal Plug 5 inches insertable

Imported from Spain A Deluxe Stainless Steel Collar De Perro Torquator.

German wide and narrow adjustable barrel nipple clamps

MAWA nipple/CBT/ body clamps, soft and strong springs with or without weight/bondage attachments


Slave Training

Generalised - Slave Positions, Collar and Leash.
Leather collars, metal collars. Imported from Spain A Deluxe Stainless Steel Collar De Perro Torquator.
Honour leather Posture Collar with steel chin spike, 15 inches / 38 cms - 18 inches / 45.7 cms
Slave Shackles KUB Model No 215. Modern police hand cuffs and leg shackles. Original Victorian Ball & Chain.

Sissy Maid / Sissy Lady / Sissy Slut (No dressing service offered)

Indoor Pet - Dog, Pony, Cat

Human Furniture - in Restraints or 'Willing Victim'


Short Term and Extended

Custom Built Swedish Furniture - Full Length Whipping / Bondage Bench and High Backed Bondage Chair, Vertical Bondage Frame, Horizontal Bondage Board.

Fetters Standing Prison Cage Lockable.

METAL - Police issue Handcuffs (double locked & steel) - Speed Cuffs Rigid Hiatt, Darby Hiatt, Modern & 1960's Chain Link, Hinged. Chicago Police Design Thumbcuffs with double lock (also used to secure to the cage). Belly Chained Hand Cuffs. Modern Chain Link Ankle Cuffs, Prison escort Cuffs (3), Genital to Wrist Cuffs (3). Large adjustable Darby leg irons, KB-919. The smallest inner diameter is about 8.3 cm x 9.5 cm, the largest inner diameter is about 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm. The bows are up to 2 cm broad and about 1 cm thick. The chain is about 42 cm long.

Irish 8 Leg Cuffs KUB Model No 917. Those very rigid nickel plated handcuffs were produced in the 19th century by British manufacturers like "Frogatt". This model is called "Irish 8", because it was mainly used in Ireland. The historical originals are very rare and expensive.

Bagno steel handcuffs which are an Italian medieval design. Steel Wire handcuffs which hold the hands in a prayer position.

Slave Shackles KUB Model No 215. As far as we can ascertain, this is a unique product, indeed our expert advisers tell us that a product using this combination was never made in the 'darby' era. Comprising a neck collar joined with 20 cm of chain to a pair of handcuffs (916) which are in turn linked to a pair of leg irons (918) with a further 60 cm of chain.  Prisoners have the burden of an extra 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds) of heavy metal.  Not a recipe for high speed escape! Unlike most other Darby restraints the key is a male one, which is known as a "Sheffield pattern". The bow can not be "snap closed", so you need the key to close the handcuffs, which makes them very secure.

Fetters Steel Bondage Mittens, Tudor replica Scavenger's Daughter, Original Victorian Ball & Chain, Hand Traps, Imported from America, the only device in the UK. Unusual bondage devices in steel completely immobilising the hand and fingers. A pair of MEO elbow restraints, lockable, Imported from Germany. Also Chains and Padlocks and Spreader Bars.


Wooden Custom Made Cock and Ball Presses and Stocks/Bondage Board

Stainless Steel Darby Animal Cuff - For Ball Stretching/Bondage Attachment
Metal Horse Twitch Ball Crusher/Bondage Attachment

Fetters leather Wrists To Scrotal Sack Restraint.


3 leather strait jackets.
Grecco German Straitjacket with integral hood (up to 26.5 inches/67 cms), nylon lined, size small fit up to 40 inches/102 cms chest. Hood consists of eye holes with detachable blindfold, nose hole and mouth slot with detachable cover. D rings situated:  4 on front, 6 on each cuff and 3 on each shoulder.

Leather Erotics Straitjacket XX large Neck: 18 inches/ 45.7 cms Chest: 46 inches / 116.7 cms

Fetters All Leather Historical Patterned Straitjacket, size large. Neck: 16-17 inches/40-42 cms Chest: 40-43 inches/102 cms This item is built to last. It's a great heavy piece of kit (over 4kg), beautiful craftsmanship and a Rolls Royce of leather gear.

Leather Leg Sack

A pair of double layered, lockable Leather Arm Binders with D rings top and bottom and 5 along each side.

Fetters leather Wrist To shoulder Restraint.

Fetters leather Calf To Thigh Restraint.

Fetters steel lined leather Wrist To Ankle Bar.

Top To Bottom Padded Wrist & Ankle Cuffs, leather Bondage Figure 8 Restraint 1 inch wide x 19 inches long (2 short) and 1 inch wide x 26 inches long (2 long)

USA Military Kings Point Restraint System. 2 identical (not symmetrical), non-locking wrist restraints
three size adjustments 7.75, 7.50, and 5.25 inches. 2 identical (not symmetrical), non-locking ankle restraints
three size adjustments 10.75, 10.50, and 10.25 inches. 1 52 inch long 1.125 inch wide locking belt
with 10 holes in 1.5 inch centers starting 3.25 inches from the end.

Leather Torso Bondage Harness with D rings.
Leather Body Straps, and a mono sleeve armbinder.

Leather Clenched Fist Bondage Hand Mitts.

Fetters Lockable Flat Bondage Hand Mitts and Fetters Lockable Bondage Boots (Men's UK shoe size 10-11)



Canvas Body Bag

Plastic Thumb to Wrist Restraints & Big Toe To Ankle Restraints.

Mummification with plastic black film and pvc bondage tape. Duct tape.

Plaster of Paris Bandages.

Cable Ties.

 I also use my old laundered stockings and tights for sensual bondage. I have Satin Soft Ties & Blindfold. I have even used only plastic bags for chair bondage. I have used newspapers for surprisingly effective bondage.


Request these:
GAGS - ball, bit, ring, Honour leather & plastic open wide, serious stainless steel MEO Silentium Tongue and Lip Gag. Escaping or removing the gag is absolutely impossible.

HOODS - Fetters
Large soft leather hood with eye and mouth cover, laced up back.
Soft Leather Hood with eye zip and mouth zip, laces up at the back.
Leather Muzzle Bondage Harness
Leather Slave or Dog Muzzle/Collar, Lockable
Leather Slave or Pig Hose Hook Collar, Lockable

Latex Executioner's Hood, with eye, nose & mouth holes

Electro Sensual Stimulation or Torture

After 1 months training in Spring 2011  I offer the sensual to the sadistic CBT treatment during bondage. All genital/anal electrodes are interchangeable with the 3 different devices.

P.E.S Paradise Electro Stimulation device (sensual to sadistic) with plain cockhead stimulator, mid penis ring and base penis/testicular ring.

or the twice as powerful as the P.E.S. therefore twice as sadistic PleasureTec PowerPlay PT2010 device.

Erostek ET-312 - E-stim device (sensual)

The ET-312 offers 18+ unique modes (stimulation routines) designed to appeal to different tastes, moods and needs.

Several competing units suffer from a maximum frequency that's too low. Lower frequencies are generally perceived as feeling "rough" or "harsh" while higher frequencies are smoother and more erotic. The ET-312 offers higher frequencies than nearly all of the competition and even Erostek's own previous units.

    ET-312 unit with charger and instruction manual

    10x Electrastim electro metal cock rings

    2x electrode bands for the cock

    1x large anal probe

    1x medium bipolar urethral sound

    1x Electrode

    2x Electrode pads

    2x Y-split cables

    1x Microphone

    Assorted connectors and standard cables

Folsom Electric Company's male genital electro bondage board.

The unit is shaped like a letter 'T', and is 13¼" long, 5" wide at its widest point, and 3½" wide at its most narrow point. It consists of three different boards held together by tall brass screws. The bottom board has a circle cut out of it, through which you can push a penis, and testicles, if desired.

Once you've got your victim's jewels in place, tightening the screws will bring down the clear, plastic boards on top, effectively pinching and holding your partner's pride and joy in place. Embedded in the plastic boards, both on top and bottom, are thin strips of metal conductors. There are seven locations along the board for plugging in the output leads which must then be plugged into a power box, such as the 3 devices that I have.

Genital Electrical Stimulation: "This is so good, I feel the effects for a week afterwards. I have a stronger, longer erection and orgasm really hard. I had been nervous before about visiting a professional Mistress, I should have visited you before." SlaveM, January 2012

TAZapper (tay zapper ) - the Human cattle prod, electric torture.

Sensual Tie and Tease

In Restraints with a whole range of toys, light nipple clamps, cock and ball light bondage, horse hair, suede, rubberised, bungee latex, pvc and fur floggers, porcupine brush and goats hair body brush. Also a variety of Wartenberg pin wheels (1,2,3,5,7 rows), medieval mace and line of spikes pinwheel. A gentle steel skin roller. A 2 pronged metal cat claw and 5 clawed metal hand (from Germany). Black leather vampire gloves, used gently no marks, (used severely it will tear skin and cause pin holes full of blood, I will only do this for an extra £40 for replacements). Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator etc.

Corporal Punishment

In Restraints or 'Willing Victim'

From Mild Warm Sensation with no Marking to Medium and Severe

Caning: Light

Red Palembang Nursery Cane - Popular at the end of the 19th Century. Warming and stingy without causing heavy marking. Ideal for palms, soles, inner thighs and the back of calves.

White Willow Cane - A traditional household cane which is a lightweight, junior size.


Quality Control Kooboo - Nursery, junior and senior
Used at home and by public school Prefects since mid-19th Century. The most flexible, whippy and stings the most.

Rattan - Nursery, junior and senior

Delrin - Nursery, junior and senior


Dragon - Reformatory, the ultimate cane, dense, a special type of rattan, very strong, tremendous thud.

Tohiti Baton - Singaporean judicial cane

Wangee Bamboo - An extract 'On a visit to the Eton Museum of School Life, among the many fascinating exhibits on CP, one can see that in the 1930s the whangee canes featured on the punishment wall of canes in a prominent place in the prefects' room. My understanding is that they were used for the most severe canings.'

Willow Rod, with bark - a traditional domestic disciplinary tool. "Spare the rod and spoil the child".

Bamboo Baton

Artificial Sjambok

Plastic hexagonal cane

Flogging: (leather, leather braided, Jack's Floggers suede, pvc, Jack's Floggers rubber & heavy bungee latex (sensual or hard thud),  rubber coated leather, rubber coated ball chain)

8 unique designs/materials of craftsman made floggers, square cut leather, spaghetti leather tails, rubber coated stiff square cut leather, rubber coated ball chain and leather barbed wire style.

Paddling: (bat or straight shaped, pvc, leather, suede, wooden, metal studded) Coco de Mer Wooden Spatula Spanking Paddle Measuring 14 inches in length with a paddle width of 1.75 inches

Others: Various Horse Crops & Dressage Whips, Hairbrushes, Rubber Hose, Danger Red Tyre Paddle/Bat

Straps/Tawse: OTK leather and rubber Tawses, Razor Strop, Lochgelly Tawse, Rubber 2 Tail Tawse, Arrow Scottish Tawse, Leather Covered Spanking Ruler, Leather Prison Strap, The London Tanners CP Ruler Strap, Fettered Pleasures Leather 2 Layer Black Detention Finger Ruler (severe), Quality Control Tan Leather Dominator Strap (moderate), Quality Control Rubber four tail strap (severe), Carriage Whip with braided end (severe), Small Braided 16 tail whip, length 40cm (severe), Neoprene Rubber 2 tailed Tawse with a wicked thud as well as a sting. Leatherdelights Small black strap with pointy-textured rubber on one side, hair on the other (sensual & sadistic).

I have 2 new ferocious floggers - very unusual. 1. Green pvc dragons teeth (zigzag edges) flogger 2. Black rubber dragons skin (round bumps) with dragons teeth edges (zigzag). Continuing to bring you the unique & unusual - Danger Red Tyre Paddle a tenderising juggling bat, makes a terrific noise, Candy Pain PVC Flogger. Evil Stick - sharp sting and marks, on various parts of the body.

Cock and Ball Tease/Treatment/Torture - CBT

In Restraints or 'Willing Victim'

Stroking, tapping, beating with 11 willy whips (some unique to only Myself) - horse hair, rabbit fur, suede, rubber strands, square cut leather, spaghetti leather tails, nylon cord, Spanish balled, rubber coated stiff square cut leather, rubber coated ball chain and leather barbed wire style. Small wooden paddle, custom designed ball busting paddle with foam or Evil Stick.

Fingers, hands, nails (short), stroking, slapping, pinching, stretching, holding.

Bondage to tie the cock and/or balls.

Attaching pegs and/or clamps (see nipple clamps below).

Attaching and swinging weights.

Hot wax dripping, cold ice rubbing.

Heat inducing creams or irritable substances. Stinging nettles when in season.

P.E.S Paradise Electro Stimulation or Erostek 312 control units and electrodes.  I offer the sensual to the sadistic CBT electrical treatment during bondage.

Genital Electrical Stimulation: "This is so good, I feel the effects for a week afterwards. I have a stronger, longer erection and orgasm really hard. I had been nervous before about visiting a professional Mistress, I should have visited you before." SlaveM, January 2012

Urethral Dilation ( Sterile ) :

Deluxe stainless steel Hegar dilator set 2mm-14mm

Stainless steel Bullet / Rosebud dilator set 6mm-13mm

Clear straight rods in perspex set 5mm-12mm

Coloured spiral twisted rods in perspex set 5mm-12mm

Stainless steel Wave Urethral Anchor. Three waves of pleasure as this is inserted. Insertable length 130mm, entrance diameter 6mm, increasing to 12mm, the ball 15mm.

American imported highest quality German surgical stainless steel hand held Urethral Stretcher / Speculum. A full 3 inch ( 76mm ) insertable length.

American imported highest quality German surgical stainless steel The Machined Drip™ A full 4.25 inch ( 107mm ) insertable length. The first 2 inches of the shaft are 8mm width, increasing to 15mm width.

Either sterile lubricant packets or irritable substances.

Also bi-polar stainless steel electro urethral rod approx. 177.5mm long and 8mm diameter.

Unique Custom designed Humbler/Ball Crusher, Cock Stocks/Bondage Board, Ball Crusher, Cock and Ball Presses both plain and spiked.

Metal Horse Twitch Ball Crusher

Sensation play with feathers, porcupine brush and various pin wheels (1,2,3,5,7), gentle steel skin roller. Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator.

2 Dull Spiked Penis Sheaths

Evil Stick - sharp sting and marks


Google Images: for black Knee high leather 'Pleaser Delight 2020', black ankle high leather 'Pleaser Adore 1020' and black ankle pvc with metal heel 'Pleaser Heat 1015'

Trampling Table

All Over Safe Body Areas, Forehead, Chest, Genitals, Thighs

Specific Areas - Cock and Ball

Ball Busting

Pointed Toed Boot Kicking

Heel Jabbing and Squashing

Pussy Torture

Beating, Slapping, Pinching, Stretching, Binding, Clamping, Wax and Ice Play, Irritable Substances and Insertions

Nipple Tease/Treatment/Torture - NT

Also Female Breast Torture

In Restraints or 'Willing Victim'

Beating, Slapping, Pinching, Stretching, Scratching, Binding, Clamping, Wax and Ice Play

Nipple clamps from mild to severe
Fetters Ebony Knights (mild), Fetters Adjustable Black Jack (mild-med), Fetters Adjustable Chrome Tool Man (mild-quite severe), Fetters Black Panther with strong spring (med-severe), Fetters Adjustable Chrome Endurance (severe) and Fetters Black Plastic Piranha with metal tiny teeth, no adjustment (severe). Plastic Medical Fetish Forceps & Top to Bottom Steel Pincer Clamps. Plastic Hoffman Circular Nipple Clamps with Chain, Plastic Devilish Nipple Clamps with Chain, Scissor Nipple Clamps, Small Ball of Lead Nipple Clamps with Chain, Metal Nipple Clamp Sticks, and Clover Clamps.

Anal Training/Prostate Massage/Figging/Electro Stimulation

Lots for the beginners training and to interest the intermediate.

Anal Dilator Kit This starter kit shows you how to have safe, fun and enjoyable anal sex, one step at a time. Five differently sized butt plugs allow you to start off small and gradually work your way up. The sizes of the individual plugs are as follows:

1" diameter, 3" circumference, 3.5" length.
1.25" diameter, 4" circumference, 4" length.
1.5" diameter, 4.75" circumference, 4.3" length.
1.75" diameter, 5.5" circumference, 4.75" length.
2" diameter, 6.25" circumference, 5.1" length.

"Martin" Afro American Mini Whopper Dong,  Insertable: 4 inches Circumference: 4.25 inches

"Ron" Basix Slim beginners dildo, Insertable: 7 inches Circumference: 4.25 inches

Marc Wallice porn star beginners dildo, Insertable: 7 inches Circumference: 4.75 inches

"Jergen" African Lover beginners World of Dongs, Insertable: 7 inches Circumference: 4.75 inches

Doc Johnson Uncut Foreskin Realistic Dildo Insertable: 5 inches Circumference: 5 inches

CZtrade Black Boomser Dildo 7.5'' Vibrating slow to fast Insertable: 6 inches Circumference: 5 inches

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Thin Natural Dong Insertable: 7 inches Circumference: 5 inches

Little John Vibrating Dildo, Insertable: 7 inches Circumference: 5.25 inches

Terrence the lawyer black dildo, Insertable: 5.5 inches Circumference: 5.75 inches

Natural Lifeforms 7" cock and balls Insertable: 7 inches Circumference: bell end 6 inches, shaft: 5.5 inches

Eddie Stone's porn star intermediate dildo with challenging bell end, Insertable: 7 inches Circumference: 5.5 inches

Cole Ryder's porn star dildo with beginners bell end, Insertable: 6.5 inches Circumference: 5, 6, 6.5 inches

Anal Dilators, Penis Dildos, Fingering and Fisting, Anal Beads, Anal Probes, Inflatable Beads/probe/plug, Anal Plugs,
Black Cat Dual Rotating Plug, Manzone Screwdriver, Steel Speculum, Glass Dildo for Temperature Play.

Novice Anal Training: "Just wanted to say how pleasurable it was meeting with you today, and it felt amazing having you concentrate completely on my anus literally minutes after meeting you. Especially as I got the impression you enjoy what you do, which makes all the difference." SlaveJ, February 2012.

Prostate Massagers - Aneros MGX, Naughty Boy, Rude Boy and Bad Boy vibrating prostate massagers, T-ease vibrating prostate massager, 10 setting vibrating Scorpion prostate massager.

Electro stimulation (see above)

Figging - Ginger root carved into an anal plug for that internal tingle. (3 days advance notice required). In Victorian times used whilst caning to prevent the naughty person from clenching their bum cheeks whilst the punishment was administered.

For the size and stretch anal sluts:

John Thomas Large Realistic Dildo 10.5 inches length and 6.6 inches in circumference.

Neil Dildo 9.5 inches length and 6.8 inches in circumference.

Ashley Dildo 9.5 inches length and 7.5 inches in circumference.

Frank Dildo 9 inches length and 8 inches circumference.

Peter Dildo 9.5 inches length and 8 inches in circumference.

Dr Johnson Bam Dildo 13.5 inches length and 8.5 inches in circumference.

Manly Dildo 9 inches length and 9 inches in circumference.

Bubbles training torpedo 9 inches length, 5 graduating rings, 7.25, 7.75, 8.5, 8.75, 9 inches in circumference

(No Strap On Used ONLY hand held)

Oral Training

With a 8 inch Porn Star Cock Dildo or Clifford Canine Dildo

With Mistresses Boot Heels


Boot, Leg, Stocking Top Worship

No other form of intimate body worship permitted

Tied and Teased

Sexual Relief (Hands Only) or Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator if you beg eloquently enough

Chastity Training

Bring along your own Cock Cage or Female Chastity Belt

Marking (non permanent) and Fitting Ceremony

Madam Keyholder service

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